What we do?

We provide peer support for women facing social isolation and adverse social circumstances; during pregnancy, birth and the initial postnatal period.

The focus is on social support provision; including befriending support during pregnancy and the initial postnatal period, and birth partner support during labour and birth. Support has been designed based on insights from women with lived experience of social marginalisation.

How it works?

We support women, from the 12th week of pregnancy, until the 12th week after their baby is born.

Our aim is to provide early intervention support; helping to meet basic social support needs, can help to prevent more serious issues long term. Early support can reduce the need for crisis interventions from social services and mental health teams.

We support women to access wider services in the community, and to develop their personal support networks.

Who it is for?

We support women who are isolated, who may be facing a number of adverse social circumstances. For example: care leavers, asylum seekers, women who have experienced domestic violence.

What are the overall aims?

  • promoting maternal/infant wellbeing,
  • supporting maternal/infant attachment
  • promoting maternal self-efficacy and empowerment.